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Dear participants and consultants! If you have made a MMM meeting or a Conference, or you want to make a Special Offer inside your downline team please send all your offers to our email [email protected] After checking your information by moderators your news will be placed at our website. Please fill in your information as following: your name, your surname, your city/country, Skype, mobile, what is your MMM level as a consultant 10/100/1000 etc.

Sender who pressed button "I completed the payment" without evidence (transfer check) will be blocked by CRO as a crook. Sender can press that button only in case he completed the payment and has check to upload!!!! If you need more time please reque...

30.08.2014 16:15
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YTH para anggota MMM!

Sayangnya, kita harus menyatakan bahwa semua tindakan kami untuk menstabilkan situasi, sama sekali tidak ada hasilnya. Para partisipan mulai panik, dan itu hanya membuat situasi semakin buruk. Panik bisa merugikan struktur keuangan yang lain juga, ...

29.08.2014 15:46
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Big Konfrensi MMM Indonesia Se Kalimantan Tengah di Palangkaraya Rabu, 20 Agustus 2014

Aaroffi Offi / Palangkaraya / Indonesia / skype aaroffi.offi / +6281349257997 / MMM 1000 ...

20.08.2014 13:34
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Big Conference - Bekasi - Jawa Barat - Indonesia

Big Conference - Bekasi - Jawa Barat - Indonesia, 17 Agustus 2014 di Gedung Mustikasari Convention Hall - Bekasi. Dihadiri lebih dari 2000 orang. Hadir Top Leader Bpk. Robertus Julyanto, Budiman, Andya Berna, Cak Met (Slamet Riyadi), Ibu Mey Mertinez...

17.08.2014 01:24
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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! Dear MMM partricipants and Consultants!

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! Dear MMM partricipants and Consultants! Many of you have already noticed that during the last few days the Get Help orders would come very slow. Why did this happen? There are a few main reasons for that. First, during the ...

12.08.2014 04:14
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Good news for MMM Consultants and participants!

Dear MMM Consultants and participants! We are happy to announce the good news to all of you. 1. All the fake accounts that have recently polluted our system have been successfully blocked and eliminated by CRO. 2. In very few days we will finally ...

08.08.2014 17:25
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MMM Team Horas Medan Indonesia Video Testimoni


07.08.2014 04:11
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Dear MMM Indonesian Leaders!

Dear MMM Indonesian Leaders! Today we finally got the information from our IT support that all the fake accounts have been blocked! Also the system's errors that created orders to those fake accounts and showed information about the bitcoin are also ...

07.08.2014 03:58
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Robertus Julyanto. What is MMM?


04.08.2014 17:22
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Webinar for participants MMM Indonesia (01.08.2014)


04.08.2014 17:20
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